Period Drama

Here are the period dramas/films that I’ve watched in their entirety. I’ll be rating them from 1 (Did not at all enjoy) to 10 (Perfection! I can watch it over and over again).

Click on [Full Review] near the icon for more of my thoughts on the series/film.


imagesMR TURNER (Film 2014)
A film about a famous painter. Pros: Great acting and a witty script. Cons: I didn’t like the characters (7/10).


everything-you-need-to-know-about-turn-the-show-amc-hopes-will-be-its-next-breaking-badTURN (I) (TV series 2014)
A slow-burning Revolutionary War drama I’m glad I gave a second chance. I was totally immersed in the world of spy intrigue, dangerous alliances, and a torrid love affair (7.5/10)


annakareninastillANNA KARENINA (Film 2012)
A clinically cold film. I preferred the 1997 adaptation (6.5/10)



9f4d3b862990437bb30574f39a9045aa034d7875fddf2c25b5355bc1718616af_thumb_mediumOUTLANDER (TV series 2014)
Time travel. Romance. Adventure. Political intrigue…Men in kilts. It’s got it all. And feminist blog Jezebel dubs the show: the Historical Smut of My Dreams (8/10)


B-00951.NEFBELLE (Film 2013)
An occasionally inspirational love story about a mixed race woman and an anti-slavery activist. An extra half-point for having a refreshingly unconventional heroine (7.5/10) Full Review

5951494-high_res-jamaica--471859JAMAICA INN (TV series 2014)
Smugglers, shoot-outs, deception, oh my! A dark and moody drama with one of the grittiest heroines ever. Btw, this series all takes place in England, not Jamaica. (7.5/10)


caet579-52-2012-122114-high-jpgIN SECRET (Film 2013)
A murderous love story with a glob of horror. Melodramatic, but watchable (6/10) 


The love story about the literary giant, Charles Dickens, and the young actress, Nelly. The acting was powerful, but I just didn’t feel the love (6/10) Full Review


12 YEARS A SLAVE (Film 2013)
A moving, brilliant & brutal true story of epic proportions. Objectively, I’d give the film a 9, but I can’t imagine myself watching this twice (8/10)


AUSTENLAND (Film 2013)
This film was like indulging in a box of cheap but tasty chocolates (6.5/10) Full Review


Not fast-paced, but held my attention nevertheless. A good detective show to round off the day with (7/10)


imagesTHE MAN WHO LAUGHS (Film 2012)
About a boy with a horrid smile carved onto his face. A flat and uninspired tribute to Victor Hugo’s novel (5/10)


1551808775DEATH COMES TO PEMBERLEY (TV series 2013)
Dull characters in a dreary world. It was, at most, mildly intriguing (7/10) First Impression Review



WAR & PEACE (TV series 2007)
A powerful story about love and forgiveness. The beginning was perfect, the series waned a bit towards the middle, but the gut-wrenching end reclaimed my love (8.5/10) Full Review

lord byron jonny lee millerBYRON (Film 2003)
A compelling story, better than I expected, but nothing memorable. (6.5/10) Full Review

bright-star_288BRIGHT STAR (Film 2009)
The cinematography was breath-taking. But I never managed to fall in love with the characters. Not a very engaging film (6/10) Full Review


1193691600000-623492-FannyHill-1192790199281FANNY HILL (TV series 2007)
I was expecting a little more depth, but who was I kidding? This is 18th-century soft-porn, or very close to it (5.5/10) Full Review

claire-danes-in-una-scena-di-stage-beauty-13798STAGE BEAUTY (Film 2004)
A love story between a female actress and an assumedly gay cross-dressing actor. One of the best overlooked film of the year. (8/10) Full Review


purefoy-as-brummellBEAU BRUMMEL (TV series 2006)
Hot actor. Shallow plot (5/10)


A haunting love-story that will leave you bawling (8/10) Full Review

Richard_Armitage_-_North_and_South_2004NORTH & SOUTH (TV series 2004)
This is a MUST WATCH. It’s like Pride & Prejudice but darker and more passionate. Fan-craziness over this series guaranteed (10/10) Full Review

GRimagesEAT EXPECTATION (TV series 2012)

I never fell in love with the leads, but I was fascinated nevertheless. I’d say this is one of the better adaptations (7/10)


The-Pillars-of-the-Earth-the-pillars-of-the-earth-tv-29704298-936-526PILLARS OF THE EARTH (TV series 2010)
A medieval epic of good and evil. I was hooked from the start to the end. (8/10)

meSENSE & SENSIBILITY (TV series 2008)
This adaptation had such potential… but the ending killed whatever love I felt. This is the perfect example of a series that gets lazy towards the end (7/10)


tumblr_lqto02vekv1qknau8o1_400THE LAST MISTRESS (Film 2007)
Worth the watch for the beautiful costumes and lavish settings, but expect nothing more. Character & plot-wise my impression was: W. T. F ?! (4/10)

VanityFair2004-Still1VANITY FAIR (Film 2004)
Objectively, I’d give this one a 6. But the film spawned my love for all things James Purefoy. A guilty pleasure period drama. (7/10)


rupert_440x293PERSUASION (TV series 2007)
Estranged lovers reunite. Great emotional depth with strong chemistry between the leads. Lots of heart-flutters while watching this one (9/10)


firelightFIRELIGHT (Film 1997)
A Gothic melodrama that explores the depths of passion, desire and love. Sizzling chemistry between the leads (7/10)



Cute chemistry that lacks emotional depth. Very, very entertaining fluff (7/10)



2812502-low-the-paradisersTHE PARADISE (TV series 2012)
A 19th century woman who finds work at a department store. Two words for this show: Bursting romance (8/10)


MV5BMTM3MDgwMTc1MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDA2NjcwNw@@._V1._SX640_SY427_W.E. (Film 2011)
A king who gives up his throne for a woman. Plus a modern day twist. A promising hook, but fails to deliver in so many ways (3/10)


508193_300THE BUCCANEERS (TV series 1995)
American girls sail to England in the hopes of marrying into aristocracy. This series was surprisingly good. Captured the magic in the romance department (7.5/10)

wives and daughters 3WIVES AND DAUGHTERS (TV series 1999)
A sweet love story, a warm family drama filled with memorable characters (7.5/10)



6103368128_faff968bc7THE TENANT OF WILDFELL HALL (TV series 1996)
A woman with an injured spirit becomes the love interest of the very magnetic Gilbert Markham. This series is full of romantic angst and gives a nod to feminism (8/10)


7f2b5dea54f1fa3192cdf9cf40abc316-posterMOLL FLANDERS (TV series 1996)
A bawdy and occasionally moving story about the ‘wickedest woman in England’. I watched this 4-part series in one sitting (7.5/10)

MAST_003701MTJaneEyre_0900JANE EYRE (TV series 2006)
One of the greatest love stories. The acting, the costumes, and the chemistry was pitch-perfect. If you don’t have a heart of stone, you’ll watch and weep (10/10)
image-14-for-yourlife-telly-money-27-04-2011-gallery-984531377THE CRIMSON PETAL & THE WHITE (TV series 2011)
A twisted romance between a wealthy merchant and a young prostitute. This Victorian drama charmed me with its complex characters, its engrossing plot, and disturbing world (7.5/10)
A Gothic melodrama about the opium raddled & sexual predator, John Jasper. It’s worth the watch, just don’t watch it at night (7/10)
24239GARROW’S LAW (I) (TV series 2009)
A legal drama about the 18th-century lawyer William Garrow. This series was FANTASTIC! It has both heart and brain. (8/10) Full Review
big-heads-big-hatsGARROW’S LAW (II) (TV series 2010)
Garrow exceeds my expectation yet again.The court cases are more gripping and packs an emotional punch. But what carries the show is Garrow’s own legal trouble: he’s charged with adultery(8.5/10)
6347289588_5e5b4742d2GARROW’S LAW (III) (TV series 2011)
The third series ties all the loose ends in a satisfactory manner. But this season was not nearly as good as the previous two (7.5/10)
ParadesEndPARADE’S END (TV series 2012)
This series is ‘Downton Abbey’ with a more literary flare. Even if you don’t have an appetite for highbrow drama, this series is well worth the watch if you love Benedict Cumberbatch (8/10)
tumblr_m8csg3KWKI1qirquto1_500TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH (TV series 2005)
An arrogant aristocrat goes on a voyage. What starts out as a bawdy comedy turns into an exploration of the darker side of human nature (7.5/10) Full Review


*I’ll try my very best to update weekly. But, you know, sometimes life gets in the way. Follow me on twitter for drama rating updates!

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