NEW Period Drama: In Secret (2014)

Haven’t watched it yet, but plan to one day. Seems like a dark, cynical romp…


Set in the lower echelons of 1860s Paris, Therese Raquin, a sexually repressed beautiful young woman, is trapped into a loveless marriage to her sickly cousin, Camille, by her domineering aunt, Madame Raquin. Therese spends her days confined behind the counter of a small shop and her evenings watching Madame play dominoes with an eclectic group. After she meets her husband’s alluring friend, Laurent, she embarks on an illicit affair that leads to tragic consequences -imdb



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8 responses to “NEW Period Drama: In Secret (2014)

  1. I watched the trailer and I was like “how horrible!” but in a good way. Poor Tom Felton dies 😦


  2. OMG! I didn’t realize it until now – that’s Draco Malfoy!!!!


  3. Grace

    oh wow, that seems dark. I didn’t expect it. I look forward to watching it.


  4. This really is right up my alley, I will have to watch it!


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